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2019 Newsletters

23:12 December 2019PDFFulltextIAreader
Preserving our Family Stories – Tribute to Dorothy Jean Newcomb Morse – Early 1800’s Thanksgiving in Free Online Book – Preserving my Family Stories (Marjorie Slavens) – Future of MCG

23:11 November 2019PDF FulltextIAreader
Where Do You Come From, Missouri Settlers (Beth Foulk Presentation announcement) – Early Families in Bates County, Missouri (Walnut Township, New Home, Missouri) – Future of MCG – James Kerr Family – Biography of Charles Merlin Kerr

23:10 October 2019PDFFulltext IAreader
Immigration records research – The role of gardening in family life – community gardening – Finding your Stories in Books Free Online: Part 2: Searching Internet Archive ebooks – Missouri Pioneers – Missouri Statehood

23:09 September 2019PDFFulltext IAreader
Remembering School Days at Bryant School in Rich Hill (Al Morse) – Finding your Stories in Books Free Online: Searching Internet Archive Libraries: Part 1 – 2020 U.S. Census – Using USGenWeb

23:08 August 2019PDFFulltextIAreader
Finding Books Online Presentation by Julia Morse – Family Vacations (Al Morse) – Genealogy Sites and Amazon Publishing Information (Del Sherwood) – Northwest Territory (reprinted from Wikipedia) – Ohio Pioneers

23:07 July 2019PDFFulltextIAreader
Publishing on Amazon (with Del and Beverly Sherwood) – Corrected Charles McDaniel Family Information and DNA (Al Morse) – Publishing Family Books in the 1980s and 1990s (Marjorie Slavens) – Independence Day

23:06 June 2019PDFFulltextIAreader
2019 Schedule of Programs: Military History of Charles McDaniel Family – President’s Corner: Father’s Days in the Family (Al Morse) – Memories of the War (Marjorie Slavens) – Adrian Veterans Memorial (Al Morse) – Ancestry Blog (Marjorie Slavens reflects on the blog “How Many DNA Tests Does One Family Need?” by Juliana Szucs)

23:05 May 2019PDFFulltextIAreader
Military History of Charles McDaniel family – Memorial Day Cemetery Visits (Al Morse) – WWII Draft Registration Card Collection Update – Searching Again on Ancestry (Marjorie Slavens)

23:04 April 2019PDFFulltextIAreader
Looking Forward (MCG News) – The President’s Corner (Dorothy McDaniel Newcomb Leaves the Farm) – What’s in a Name? – Blog Recommendation: “When Your Family History Meets Technology” (DNA Community Migration Mapping) – Interviewing Family Members

23:03 March 2019PDFFulltextIAreader
Railroads in Cass County – The President’s Corner (Marriage, a Son, and Weekend Visits to Bates County, MO) – What We Remember (World War II Childhood Memories) – Reflections on MCG

23:02 February 2019 PDFFulltextIAreader
Military Service in 3 Wars (Al Morse, speaker) – The President’s Corner (Health Record of Dorothy Jean Newcomb Morse) – Three Wars – The Slavens in Missouri (Part II) – News and Notes

23:01 January 2019 – PDF – Fulltext – IAReader
Reviewing 2018 Research – The President’s Corner: Celebrating the New Years – Recommended Readings (The Year was 1943; The Battle of Monte Cassino Begins) – The Slavens in Missouri (Part I)