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2021 Newsletters

25:02 March 2021 – PDF – Fulltext – IAreader
April Webinar Recommendation: The Imperfect Genealogist – The President’s Corner: When Each Branch Came to America – Finding Citizenship Records for U.S. Immigrant Ancestors (Pre-1906)How do We Differentiate Between ‘Fact and Fiction’ in Family Documents, by Paul Chiddicks (guest author to MCG) – More Childhood Memories of Harmony Mission Families, 1845 (excerpts from The Autobiography of John Milton Morris) – History and Myth, by Marjorie Slavens

25:02 February 2021 – PDF– Fulltext – IAreader
Old Missouri Trails Lead to Harmony Mission – The President’s Corner: Sharing Family Photos with the Next Generations – Cluster Research (a.k.a. FAN Club Strategy) Offers Renewed Hope for Genealogy Brick Walls – Tracing Friends and Neighbors – The WWII Parachute Wedding Dress (highlighting a Fold3 blog post by Jenny Ashcraft) – News from Mid-Continent Public Library – Remembering Byron Gilbreath

25:01 January 2021 – PDF– Fulltext – IAreader
Missouri 2021 Bicentennial – The President’s Corner: The John Woodfin Family of Bates County, Missouri – 120 Years Ago: The 19th Century Summarized – Battle of Mill Springs – Some Childhood Memories of Harmony Mission and Balltown (Little Osage), Missouri, 1837 to 1845, from the Autobiography of John Milton Morris – Resources for your Search (and a Bit More) – Gone but Not Forgotten Missouri Pioneers, by Marjorie Slavens

2020 Newsletters

24:12 December 2020 PDFFulltextIAreader
Christmas Trees in Small-Town and Rural Missouri, 1876-1900 – The President’s Corner: The O.H.P. Miller family of Bates County, Missouri – The Settlers’ Christmas Eve: A mid-1800s poem by Alice Cary – Sharing with Siblings – Recheck your Family Organizations

24:11 November 2020 PDFFulltextIAreader
Thanksgiving at Grandma’s” poem by Vivian Elliott White – The President’s Corner: Woodfin Family in Bates County, Missouri before the Civil War – Follow up Your Ancestry or MyHeritage Records Search by Linking to Family Search (Highlighting a Blog by Janine Adams) – David Welty in the Civil War (Part 2) – How to Find Free Historical Newspapers Online or in Libraries Near You (How to Navigate Chronicling America)

24:10 October 2020 PDFFulltextIAreader
Civil War Stories – The President’s Corner: The Family Calendar – Halloween for our Ancestors–What Were They Thinking? – Introducing Civil War Stories! (with Fold3 and Jenny Ashcraft) – David Welty in the Civil War (Part I)

24:09 September 2020 PDFFulltextIAreader
Preserving Family History, by Marjorie Slavens – The President’s Corner (Laura Frances Seals), by Al Morse – A Global Pandemic is a Great Time to Expand Your Skillset, by Julia Morse

24:08 August 2020 PDFFulltextIAreader
This Year is 2020, by Marjorie Slavens – The President’s Corner (Family Summer Activities), by Al Morse – U.S. Census and Elections, by Marjorie Slavens

24:07 July 2020 PDFFulltextIAreader
MCG Continues – The President’s Corner (Gardening and Canning), by Al Morse – This Month’s Research Tips and Resources (Frugal Genealogy, Document Heirlooms, Downsize the Basement), by Julia Morse – From Maryland to Missouri and Texas, by Marjorie Slavens – Ways We Sleuthed Stories from a 1918 Photo Album, by Julia Morse – New Book by Rafiner

24:06 June 2020 PDFFulltextIAreader
Lasting Mementos of the Family Homestead: The Old Pear Trees by Florence Jennings Nabb (1937) – The President’s Corner (Visiting Family Cemeteries in Bates County, MO) – Looking at Ancestry Records – Downsizing while Preserving Family History

24:05 May 2020 PDFFulltextIAreader
Corona, Computers, and Genealogy (Genealogy activities during COVID-19 times) – The President’s Corner (Sharing data with a DNA cousin) – Recorded Memories of the Earliest Schools in Missouri – Immigrant Ancestors

24:04 April 2020 PDFFulltextIAreader
Quick Ideas for Preserving your Family History Artifacts – Al’s Reviews and Disposes of Family-Interest Books and Clippings – How the 1918 Influenza Pandemic Began – Gathering Bans and Social Distancing 102 Years Ago in Missouri – Why do Genealogy?

24:03 March 2020PDFFulltextIAreader
MCG’s Revived Website – First Retirement Home – MCG’s New Online Library at Internet Archive – Fifteen “Uncommon” Computer-Based Ways to Discover More about your Ancestors (Highlighting YouTube Series by Lisa Lisson) – Women’s History Month – Editorial: Preservation of MCG

24:02 February 2020PDFFulltextIAreader
Family Life Customs: Winter Pastimes, Music – Adoption Records and Histories – Farnsworth Family Migration to New Jersey & Bates County, MO

24:01 January 2020 – – PDFFulltextIAreader
New Year’s Plans for MCG Al’s Farnsworth Line – History and Genealogical Research – How We Preserve our Family History

2019 Newsletters

  • 23:12 December 2019 – [coming soon]
    Preserving our Family Stories – Tribute to Dorothy Jean Newcomb Morse – Early 1800’s Thanksgiving in Free Online Book – Preserving my Family Stories (Marjorie Slavens) – Future of MCG
  • 23:11 November 2019 – [coming soon]
    Where Do You Come From, Missouri Settlers (Beth Foulk Presentation announcement) – Early Families in Bates County, Missouri (Walnut Township, New Home, Missouri) – Future of MCG – James Kerr Family – Biography of Charles Merlin Kerr
  • 23:10 October 2019PDFFulltext IAreader
    Immigration records research – The role of gardening in family life – community gardening – Finding your Stories in Books Free Online: Part 2: Searching Internet Archive ebooks – Missouri Pioneers – Missouri Statehood
  • 23:09 September 2019PDFFulltext IAreader
    Remembering School Days at Bryant School in Rich Hill (Al Morse) – Finding your Stories in Books Free Online: Searching Internet Archive Libraries: Part 1 – 2020 U.S. Census – Using USGenWeb
  • 23:08 August 2019PDFFulltextIAreader
    Finding Books Online Presentation by Julia Morse – Family Vacations (Al Morse) – Genealogy Sites and Amazon Publishing Information (Del Sherwood) – Northwest Territory (reprinted from Wikipedia) – Ohio Pioneers
  • 23:07 July 2019 – [coming soon]
    Publishing on Amazon (with Del and Beverly Sherwood) – Corrected Charles McDaniel Family Information and DNA (Al Morse) – Online Tips for Searching Your Past from – Publishing Family Books in the 1980s and 1990s – Independence Day
  • 23:06 June 2019 – [coming soon]
    2019 Schedule of Programs – Family Events around Father’s Day (Al Morse) – Invasion of France – Memories of the War (Marjorie Slavens) – Adrian Veterans Memorial – Ancestry Blog
  • 23:05 May 2019 – [coming soon]
    Military History of Charles McDaniel family – Memorial Day Cemetery Visits (Al Morse) – New States Added to WWII Draft Registration Card Collection – Searching Again on Ancestry
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  • 23:03 March 2019
  • 23:02 February 2019
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