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2022 Newsletters

26:05 May 2022 – PDF – Fulltext – IAreader
Researching the Mitchell Family 1904-1941 (by Glynna Elliott Morse) – The President’s Corner: Visiting the Steamboat Arabia Museum (by Al Morse) – Family History: What to Include (Campbell Craig Barnds) – Writing Family History: An Example by Mildred Welty Slavens (by Marjorie Slavens) – Family Information in the U.S. Census Agricultural Schdules (by Julia Morse)

26:04 April 2022 – PDF – Fulltext – IAreader
Reflections of History: A New Podcast (by Marjorie Slavens) – The President’s Corner: April Family Birthdays (by Al Morse) – Civil War Service Part 2 (by Marjorie Slavens) –
1940 Census (by Marjoie Slavens)

26:03 March 2022  – PDF – Fulltext – IAreader
Letters from an Iowa Farm, 1856-1857 (by Julia Morse and Glynna Elliott Morse) – The President’s Corner: The Nathaniel Foote Family (by Al Morse) – Civil War Service (by Marjorie Slavens) – Prompts for Writing Your Family Stories (by Julia Morse)

26:02 February 2022 – PDF– Fulltext – IAreader
Early Steamboating on the Missouri River (by Glynna Elliott Morse) – The President’s Corner: Farnsworth and Mooney Families before Coming to Missouri (by Al Morse) –
I Found Local History Information Using New Free Access to PERSI (by Julia Morse) –
The Robert Heape Family (by Marjorie Slavens)

26:01 January 2022 – PDF– Fulltext – IAreader
Release of the 1850 Census – The President’s Corner: Rich Hill, Missouri, Through the Years (by Al Morse) – Researching the U.S. Census (by Marjorie Slavens) – Suggested Readings on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, International Holocaust Remembrance Day, and the 1850 Census Debut