Our Documents

Family researchers are often concerned that unique historical documents are passed on to continuing generations. We want to encourage each other with effective solutions.

MCG is now able to archive public-domain manuscripts and documents at Internet Archive’s online world library, insuring the best access possible for future researchers. This same online library is used by the Library of Congress and Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center!

Our full Internet Archive collection can be viewed by clicking this link. We have started by archiving our MCG newsletters, but hope to soon also start adding unique documents such as those listed below as “coming soon.”

Nancy Ward's 1867 Diary
Nancy Ward’s 1867 Diary,
coming soon to our online library!

You can set up your own Internet Archive account to publish your own documents. Alternatively, let us know; we may be able to publish your PDF or image scans for you.

Our monthly newsletters also feature family stories and research content of interest. We are always looking for contributors, so this is a great place for your family stories and research to be published as short articles.

Examples of documents which we hope to publish soon at our Internet Archive library:

Personal Histories, Diaries, etc.

  • [Coming Soon:] 1867 Diary of a Prairie Schoolteacher in McHenry County, Illinois and Waseca County, Minnesota (Nancy Ward, 1867)

Primary Documents and Artifacts

  • [Coming Soon:] Salem, Iowa Store Ledger, 1849 – 1850

Family Histories

  • [Coming Soon:] History of Cato Mitchell and Descendants, Caldwell County, Kentucky (by Quincy Mitchell, 1941)


Photo Credit:

  • Morse, Julia (2019), Photo of Nancy Ward’s 1867 Diary. Used by permission.