Get Inspired with These Histories

Many of us have compiled more than just family trees: We have stories. Family (and others) are encouraging us to “write it down.” We may have collections of photos and documents to incorporate. Some of us are stressed and perplexed about getting this to future generations who will value it. How do we put it all together?

Sometimes it helps to see an example of what can be done! Below we list some we have found.

Note that most of these examples were published before the Internet era. Now it is easy and free to publish your history online (at Internet Archive, for example, such as Steve Malone has done with the Marvel Family History). You can publish it yourself, or contact us: If it is appropriate, we may be able to publish your document for you in our MCGenealogists online library at Internet Archive.

Examples of Family History Compilations

Page Image from the Carl and Ulricka Lemke family history

Page image from History of the Marvel Family

Examples of Personal Memories

Contents of Grace Wheeler's Memories
Grace Wheeler’s Memories
Cover art to Memories of Long Ago - Pioneer Stories with line drawing of covered wagon drawn by two team of oxen, small girl figure in front, cliff in background
Clayton & Elliott’s Memories of Long Ago

Photo Credits: All images from this page are screen captures from the documents which they reference.

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