Preserving Your History for Future Generations

One of our main goals at MCG is to help you preserve and pass on your family history to future generations. Here we provide links to best practices and some of our related posts.

Preserving and Digitizing Photos and Documents

Archiving Documents Online for Others to Access

Physical Archives

Consider offering historical or family items to local or regional historical libraries, societies, or museums with an interest in the time and place of your ancestors.

Print Publishing

People will often read, keep, and share book-format stories and histories more readily than boxes of genealogy data and random memorabilia. There are many options for self-publishing your own history books. Here are some that have been shared with us:

  • Del Sherwood shared his experience with Amazon Publishing in the August 2019 MCG Newsletter.
  • Many people enjoy pulling family photos into a professionally printed photobook. There are many photobook printing services available. Denise Levenick links five popular choices and discusses options and approaches in this blog post:
  • provide guidance and examples for turning your family history documents and stories into book format that others can engage in and enjoy for generations to come. They provide how-to presentations and workshop series on video at the Pictures and Stories YouTube Channel. Free eBooks or a detailed book outline steps and inspiration.

Family Heirlooms and Non-Paper Mementos

Examples of ways you might tag, record, or preserve items of significance to your family history:

  • Historical items may be of interest to a local history museum which accepts donations.
  • Tag your items so that others will know the significance of them after you are gone. The Family Curator (Denise May Levenick) provides PDF and editable DOC worksheet forms and suggestions for recording your heirloom histories.
  • Make a photo-book recording the items and their significance. Seeds to Tree blogger Jacqueline Krieps Schattner provides the example of the book she created for her children with the title Why Did We Save This? A document version with more description can be kept with your will or other documents.

Getting Organized to Pass On Your History

Legal Considerations

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