I Thought I’d Have More Time!

I am “reblogging” here from the blog “Genealogy with Valerie” an encouragement not to put off writing your own stories. Thanks, Valerie, for the reminder!

Genealogy With Valerie


When we first start researching our Family History we usually begin with our parents or Grandparents and slowly work our way back as far as we can go. We spend a tremendous amount of time going over documents, gleaning any information we can from them. We add photos of our relatives, pictures of their headstone and anything else we find interesting to our trees.

Then at some point we realize that these people are not just names, birthdates, marriage dates, and death dates. They lived unique lives, had relationships and occupations, owned property and in some cases did amazing deeds. So we begin to put together the story of their lives taken from all the information we have gathered.

All this is exciting and fulfilling to any Genealogist. We have brought our deceased loved ones back to life. Then we ask the question, “What about those who are still living?…

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