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2021 Newsletters

25:12 December 2021 –  PDF – Fulltext – IAreader
The Missouri Centennial and Bicentennial: How it Was, Now and Then (by Glynna Elliott Morse and Julia Morse) – The President’s Corner: How We Observed Christmas (by Al Morse) – The Year was 2021 (by Marjorie Slavens) – The Jonathan Eppright Family (by Marjorie Slavens)

25:11 November 2021 – New England Ancestors –  PDF – Fulltext – IAreader
A New England Mother’s Thanksgiving (An 1873 Story) – The President’s Corner: Books Passed Down (by Al Morse) – This Month’s Webinar Recommendation: Basics of New England Research (featuring a webinar by Ann G. Lawthers for the New England Historic Genealogical Society) – Digging Deeper into Your Colonial New England Ancestry with AmericanAncestors.org (by Julia Morse) – Publishing Family Books (by Marjorie Slavens)

25:10 October 2021 –  PDF – Fulltext – IAreader
The President’s Corner: Janssens Grandparents (by Al Morse) – Web Series Recommendation: Making a County Visit for Genealogical Research” (by Julia Morse featuring a series by Denys Allen) – The Kerr Bible (by Marjorie Slavens) – Church and Political Sentiment Among 1840’s Missouri Neighbors: Part 4 from the Autobiography of John Milton Morris

25:09 September 2021 –  PDF – Fulltext – IAreader
The President’s Corner: 2021 in Our Family (by Al Morse) – Looking for the Weltys (by Marjorie Slavens) – Family of Peter Welty (by Mildred Welty Slavens) – Webinar Recommendation: Genealogy Records you can Find at Internet Archive (by Julia Morse, featuring a webinar by Lisa Louise Cooke) – Internet Archive Power Search Tips (by Julia Morse) – Where were You When . . . ? (by Marjorie Slavens)

25:08 August 2021 – Missouri Pioneers –  PDF – Fulltext – IAreader
Looking Forward – The President’s Corner: Farnsworth Ancestors (by Al Morse) – Missouri Pioneers: The Slavens of Henry County (by Marjorie Slavens) – Welty Family Letters (by Marjorie Slavens) – Welty Family Memories (by Mildred Welty Slavens)

25:07 July 2021 – Missouri Centennial –  PDF – Fulltext – IAreader
Missouri Celebrates Birthday – The President’s Corner: David Janssens Leaves the Belgian Monestary for America – Missouri Pioneers: Parks and McFarlands (by Marjorie Slavens) – Where to Share those Family Photos Online

25:06 June 2021 – Settlers on the U.S. Frontier – PDF – Fulltext – IAreader
Genealogy News (Foxwood Springs Computer Club Genealogy SIG, etc.) –
The President’s Corner: Difficult Father’s Days in the Family by Al Morse – Family Tree Magazine’s 101 Best Genealogy Websites – Starting up on the New York Syate Frontier: Journal from June 15 to July 14, 1805 by Tryphena White – Missouri Pioneers Kerrs, Crawfords, Tefertillers

25:05 May 2021 – Early Missouri Settlers – PDF – Fulltext – IAreader
The Williams Family Settles at the Spanish Fur Trading Post of St. Louis, 1794 – The President’s Corner: School Memories and Reunions (by Al Morse) – June Webinar Recommendation: Researching Missouri Repositories (featuring podcast by Family Locket Team Diana Elder and Nicole Dyer) – Chain Carriers in Land Surveys may be Family or Friend (featuring Judy G. Russell of “The Legal Genealogist”) – Missouri Pioneers (by Marjorie Slavens)

25:04 April 2021 – Celebrating Mother – PDF – Fulltext – IAreader
One Year with the Revived MCG Website – The President’s Corner: April Family Stories – Select from over 1500 Rootstech 2021 Webinars – Hard Times at Deepwater And Marshall’s Creek, 1840’s (from the Autobiography of John Milton Morris) – Things Grandmother Loved (a Poem by Vivian Elliott White) – Celebrating Mother (by Marjorie Slavens)

25:03 March 2021 – Discerning Fact from Myth  – PDF – Fulltext – IAreader
April Webinar Recommendation: The Imperfect Genealogist – The President’s Corner: When Each Branch Came to America – Finding Citizenship Records for U.S. Immigrant Ancestors (Pre-1906)How do We Differentiate Between ‘Fact and Fiction’ in Family Documents, by Paul Chiddicks (guest author to MCG) – More Childhood Memories of Harmony Mission Families, 1845 (excerpts from The Autobiography of John Milton Morris) – History and Myth, by Marjorie Slavens

25:02 February 2021 – PDF– Fulltext – IAreader
Old Missouri Trails Lead to Harmony Mission – The President’s Corner: Sharing Family Photos with the Next Generations – Cluster Research (a.k.a. FAN Club Strategy) Offers Renewed Hope for Genealogy Brick Walls – Tracing Friends and Neighbors – The WWII Parachute Wedding Dress (highlighting a Fold3 blog post by Jenny Ashcraft) – News from Mid-Continent Public Library – Remembering Byron Gilbreath

25:01 January 2021 – PDF– Fulltext – IAreader
Missouri 2021 Bicentennial – The President’s Corner: The John Woodfin Family of Bates County, Missouri – 120 Years Ago: The 19th Century Summarized – Battle of Mill Springs – Some Childhood Memories of Harmony Mission and Balltown (Little Osage), Missouri, 1837 to 1845, from the Autobiography of John Milton Morris – Resources for your Search (and a Bit More) – Gone but Not Forgotten Missouri Pioneers, by Marjorie Slavens