June 2021 Newsletter – Pioneers on the U.S. Frontier

Newsletter Image

25:06 June 2021 – PDFFullTextIAreader

Theme: Pioneers on the U.S. Frontier

Articles include:

  • Genealogy News” by Marjorie Slavens (Foxwood Springs Computer Club Genealogy SIG, etc.)
  • The President’s Corner: Difficult Father’s Days in the Family” by Al Morse
  • Family Tree Magazine’s 101 Best Genealogy Websites” by Julia Morse
  • Starting up on the New York State Frontier: Journal from June 15 to July 14, 1805,” by Tryphena White
  • Missouri Pioneers Kerrs, Crawfords, Tefertillers” by Marjorie Slavens

For more information on how to download newsletter files or use the Internet Archive Viewer/Reader (including its “read aloud” feature), see our Newsletter Page.

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