January 2021 Newsletter

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25:01 January 2021 – PDF– Fulltext – IAreader

Articles include:

  • Missouri 2021 Bicentennial” by Missouri2021.org
    August 10, 2021 marks the 200th anniversary of statehood for Missouri as the 24th state. Many are activities planned.
  • The President’s Corner: The John Woodfin Family of Bates County, Missouri” by Al Morse
    Al discusses his process of discovery through his research of Woodfin extended family members.
  • 120 Years Ago: The 19th Century Summarized,” a 1901 Newspaper Article compares technology between the beginning and end of the 1800’s.
  • Battle of Mill Springs,” reference to a new blog article by Jenny Ashcraft at fold3.com
  • Some Childhood Memories of Harmony Mission and Balltown (Little Osage), Missouri, 1837 to 1845,” from the Autobiography of John Milton Morris.
    This little-known first-hand account describes aspects of life for the associates of Harmony Mission and their families, some of the earliest white settlers in Bates and Vernon Counties, Missouri.
  • Resources for your Search (and a Bit More)” by Julia Morse
    Tips you can use from Ancestry, Family Search, Youtube, etc. Also some fun history videos you may enjoy!
  • Gone but Not Forgotten Missouri Pioneers” by Marjorie Slavens
    Site from USGenweb listing Missouri pioneers who arrived before 1890; have listed some but not yet all of the family members who were here before 1890.

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