U.S. Colonial Currency: “That Long Switchover” by The Legal Genealogist

From pounds and pence to dollars and cents Reader David Watson poses a terrific question: “The US government established the U.S. dollar as the unit of currency in 1792,” he writes. “Nevertheless, I’ve seen marriage bonds where the bond is expressed in ‘pounds’ well into the first several decades of the 19th Century. Do you…

That long switchover — The Legal Genealogist

Judy G. Russell of “The Legal Genealogist” gives an excellent synopsis of the types of currency exchanged by our Colonial ancestors long after the U.S. Constitution or the Coinage Act of 1792. This has always been a point of confusion for me, too. Judy brings it down to the level of practicality that our ancestors experienced. Click above to read more! (Thanks, Judy!)

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